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"Rising Phoenix Episode 1 is about a young teenager known as George Knight who is trying to stop is home Cornaria from being destroyed by his old friend but now nemesis Nexus, travel across 4 different lands to try and stop this disaster from happening, also you need to stop the legendary phoenix of Cornaria from awakening, this epic tale continues in Episode 2."

Rising Phoenix Episode 1 was originally released on October 14th 2013 and is now making a comeback only on itch.io! The rest of the Rising Phoenix games are planned to come to this site! We hope you enjoy the origins of this series!

Game Controls

Arrows Keys – Move
Z – Jump
Z while jumping – Double Jump
X – Run
Space – Pause
R – Reset the level

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Published237 days ago
AuthorCelestial Games
Tags16-bit, 2D, Action-Adventure, Anime, Arcade, Casual, stencyl
Player countSingleplayer

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